Traditional clog and hard shoe dancing from the North East of England and beyond!

Hadrian Clog officially formed as a team in 2012, when a small group of clog dancing enthusiasts, living along the Tyne Valley in the North East of England, came together to learn and perform traditional clog and hard shoe dances. 

Since then both our ranks and our repertoire have grown. We now perform more than 20 different dances, mainly from the North of England, but also from as far afield as Ottowa and Cape Breton in Canada, as well as Scotland and Ireland. 

Although we are a relatively young team, our roots go back much further. Many of our dances were collected and taught to us by Georgia Shorrock, who brings with her more than 30 years experience as a clog and morris dancer, ceilidh caller and musician. While our dances are based on traditional steps, we like to give them our own ‘Hadrian’ twist, and also enjoy creating and choreographing our own unique dances. 

Between us, our members play a variety of instruments, including fiddle, concertina, guitar and melodeon. We’ve also got a talented singer or two amongst us and enjoy pairing our dances with our favourite folk tunes and songs. 

We are a family-friendly team (our dancers range in age from five to over 50!) and we are passionate about teaching dances to our younger members and keeping the clog dancing traditions alive. We currently have six pairs of mother & daughter dancers and our ‘Hadrian’s Tiny Tappers’ performed in public for the first time this year. 

We practice weekly in Hexham and perform throughout the year at a wide variety of festivals, days of dance and club/group events. We also offer clog dancing workshops and have taught a 

range of abilities, from complete beginners at local music festivals to more experienced dancers at events such as Whitby Folk Week and the Lancashire Wallopers Weekend.


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